Welcome to Chris Woolsey & Associates, L.L.C. We specialize in the search and placement of degreed professionals in the Food and Beverage Industry on a nationwide basis. We focus on the manufacturing side of the industry including such disciplines as Engineering, TPM, Maintenance, Production Management & Supervision, Six Sigma, Quality Assurance & Sanitation, SQF, Supply Chain Management,  Warehouse/Distribution, Purchasing, and Human Resources.

Since 1985 Chris Woolsey has provided professional & confidential recruiting services to the Industry's Fortune 500 clients along with privately held, emerging and start-up companies. We provide the top talent in the industry, our candidates, with the same professional & confidential service. If you have a four-year degree and 1+ years manufacturing experience in the Food & Beverage industry we can help you advance your career.

Hot Job Highlight

CWA-1457, Maintenance Manager, IL

Privately held, progressive, market share leader seeks a promotable Maintenance Manager.
Requires BS Engineering with 5-7 years maintenance management / plant engineering experience in the food industry. Candidate will be responsible for all maintenance activities of a 300+ union, food manufacturing facility. Will manage a department of 1 salaried, 20 hourly, with budget responsibility of $3-5+MM within a High Performance Work Team environment.

Client seeks experience in Total Productive Maintenance systems, CMMS, Preventive Maintenance programs, Ammonia refrigeration, USDA, HAZMAT, OSHA, energy savings & management, PLC’s, high-speed packaging, downtime analysis, budgeting, cost / benefit analysis, project justification & development, vendor & outside contractor selection & supervision, etc.

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